The AimlBox Headlines #1: December 25, 2020

AimlBox Headlines is a bi-weekly 1 min.-read newsletter covering up-to-date developments in machine learning and artificial intelligence to help build your domain knowledge and expertise.

Wishing you and your family a very happy Merry Christmas. May this day brings moments of love and happiness in your life.

Here is an AI present for you - an AI-generated Christmas Song.

Without further delay, let’s get started with the edition headlines in each category.

Industrial AI

Seeing AI enables low vision community to realize surroundings

Microsoft’s Seeing AI solution is enabling blind and low vision community to be independent again and spend quality time with family. Seeing AI app uses mobile phones camera to capture the scene then use artificial intelligence to “understand” the scene in the image and read out loud. Find out more…

Seeing AI demonstration:

AI Research

DeepMind’s neural network AlphaFold predicts 3D structures of proteins with high accuracy

Alphabet’s subsidiary DeepMind demonstrates its capability to dramatically speed up scientific research and discovery by being able to tackle one of biology’s grand challenges - “The Protein-Folding problem.” DeepMind, using its neural network called The AlphaFold, can predict 3D structures of proteins from their amino acid sequences with unprecedented accuracy. Find out more...

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Editors’ Pick

The Protein Folding Problem (Tedx Talk)

In this editions’ pick, we will understand what is the famous Protein Folding Problem and why it is a big deal.